Importance of Swimming & Water Safety Lessons

12 Oct 2020
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From a young age we learn different skills that we take into adulthood, such as learning to ride a bike and learning to read and write. – Why should learning to swim be any different? Learning to swim is an important lifesaving skill that all of us should learn. 

As we jump into spring and the weather warms up, our time spent in and around water increases however, so does the risk of swimming incidents and drownings.  

The risk around water increases with the lack or limited swimming skills. 2 out of 5 swimming incidents and drowning happen to those who have no swimming ability.  

Swimming lessons can begin from as young as 6 months of age, focusing on water familiarisation and floating. Children from a young age should learn how to float or get to the edge of a pool should they ever fall in.  

Learning to swim is not only for children – did you know? Only 30% of teenagers aged between 13 – 15 years can swim a minimum of 50m in any stroke. 

As adults we sometimes dismiss the idea of learning to swim, maybe never having the chance to learn to swim at a younger age, however, this important life skill can be learnt at any age – It's never too late to learn! 

Did you know that swimming lessons also have a range of other benefits? 

  • Improves survival skills and lowers the risk of drowning 
  • Helps build strength 
  • Promotes problem solving initiatives 
  • Supports the development of visual-motor skills 
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem 
  • Improves and supports socials skills 

PLUS, it's FUN! 

Swimming and Water Safety lessons are important lifesaving skills that all of us should learn – IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START! 

Join our learn to swim program before 1st November to get your first lesson FREE! 

Dive in and learn a new skill for life! 

How we are working to keep us all safe in lessons: 

  • Teachers have been retrained to use minimal contact where possible. 
  • All teachers have undertaken Infection control training. 
  • All equipment used in lessons is routinely cleaned 
  • All students and members must sign in at reception upon entry. 
  • Where possible we ask only one parent to attend lessons with your child. 
  • We have moved our chairs and benches following social distancing rules.  
  • You will notice Sanitisation stations on the pool deck and the centre. 
  • We are undertaking extra cleaning of facilities and equipment. 

Please remember, if you or your little swimmer are feeling unwell, or if you have come into contact in the proceeding 14 days with any confirmed cases of COVID-19 do not attend the Centre or the lesson. 

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